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South Lakes Citizens Advice

South Lakes Citizens Advice is based in South Lakeland. It provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice on a wide range of subjects. South Lakes Citizens Advice has four offices across the district. For details of how to contact them visit their website southlakescab.org.uk

Sell your old books online

We’ve all probably got a lot of books on bookshelves that we haven’t looked at in years and are unlikely to read in the future. Sound familiar? Did you know that there are new websites out there, enabling you to sell them really easily? You may be surprised just how much they add up too!

Check out the article below, which offers some really good tips & advice about to sell your old books online…

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis’s website, the Money Saving Expert, is worth a look.

It contains lots of information and advice and there is a weekly email you can sign up to.

Click here to go straight to the deals & discount voucher codes – making your online shopping cheaper!

Exchange Shops

Sell your clothes or pick up designer clothes for a fraction of the price!

Have you seen the ‘The Exchange, Designer and Vintage Dress Agency’ on Highgate in Kendal? It’s a women’s clothes shop with a difference. Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you’ve never or hardly ever worn? If you’re thinking of selling them, you can take them to the shop and 50% of the selling price will go to you and 50% to the shop. It’s full of amazing clothes at a fraction of their retail price, and many still have the labels on, meaning they are brand new! A great place for a bargain. There is a similar shop in Arnside and Lancaster, and there’s likely to be one near you too!

Get Free Stuff

There an increasing number of websites where you can get deals and free samples for a range of high street products. Go to our ‘Guides & PDFs’ section and see section 10 of the Website Directory for some of the best web links.


A new app that’s worth a look, Shpock is a new app that helps you quickly find items that people in your area are selling. The items nearest to you are listed first, and you can search for specific categories.  It’s good to keep checking out the ‘New in your area’ option as some people don’t categorise items and there can be some hidden treasures in here (if you don’t mind browsing through quite a lot of clothes & DVDs to get to them)!

Volunteer to Gain Work Experience

Research carried out, on behalf of Timebank by recruitment specialist Reed Executive found that almost three quarters of the UK’s top businesses prefer to recruit candidates with volunteering experience on their CV. 73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without and 94% of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary or being promoted. Volunteering is like doing a course, you don’t get paid but the skills and knowledge you gain enables you to get the job you want. Go to www.do-it.org to search for opportunities near you.

Switching Bank Accounts

Most banks have signed up to the Current Account Switch Service which guarantees that switching is simple, quick and stress-free. For more information about this service go to: www.simplerworld.co.uk. Research all the options to find the best deal – don’t switch just because of a short-term perk as another deal may be better for you. For a guide on finding the best bank for you go to: http://www.which.co.uk/money/bank-accounts/guides/switching-your-bank-account. Be careful about overdrafts – this is getting into debt and although it may be ‘free’ in the short-term, the bank will likely add interest later on.